Simulations are the synthesis of theory and practice

We create learning experiences—focused on outcomes, execution, organizational leadership and collaboration—that prepare public policy students to tackle complex social issues.

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Turn good ideasinto real action

We build our simulations into serious games that communicate the complex nature of reality. Our simulations are generally web-based, allowing multiple players in multiple roles to interact simultaneously. Participants in the simulation can be located anywhere in the world, although we prefer same-site play as it encourages face-to-face interactions.

We also help university faculty develop course-specific simulations.

Our Simulations

Analytical Game

Metro: The Sustainable Transportation Simulation

Backed by real-world data, this simulation challenges participants to implement policies that make their city’s transportation infrastructure more sustainable. Participants take on roles such as City Manager, City Treasurer, and the Department of Health as they try to balance budgets, resolve conflicting interests, and work together in the interest of sustainability.

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Analytical Game

Host Nations Game

Built by Batten’s Center for Leadership Simulation and Gaming, Host Nations: A Refugee Simulation places participants in leadership roles (Prime Minister, Minister of Labor, etc.) of countries undergoing a migrant influx and challenges players with balancing budgets, economic growth, political resistance, and human rights.

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Analytical Game

Pandemic Game

In this fast-paced, real-time crisis simulation, students must work together to minimize the impact of a fictitious, yet deadly, infectious disease. Participants are placed in national leadership roles, working alongside teammates to enact policies that will save the lives of their stakeholders.

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Behavioral Game

Situation Room Experience

Originally created by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, this immersive simulation puts participants in the thick of an international crisis. As members of the White House crisis management team, the intelligence community, and the media, participants exercise individual and collective leadership skills as they compete, collaborate, and above all communicate to solve time-sensitive issues.

Analytical Game

Global Food Security Game

In this simulation, teams of participants make funding and programming decisions with the aim of achieving the U.N. Sustainable Goal of a hunger-free world by 2030. Players are tasked with improving food security in their region, tracked by 30 indicators that give a picture of food security in a specific country and region.

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